Aproape - new single by Lidia Isac

Love, the sea, endorphins, the wind’s breath, attraction, sensuality, the game, the madness, wave riding, dreams, intimacy, salt patterns on the skin ...


These words can be read in any order and each time get a different image.


On all the music platforms comes a new song by Lidia Isac - Aproape ... Close ..

The singer wrote a song based on her own emotions, life events, unforgettable moments of mutual love. This is the story of a young girl who matures as her feelings grow. The desire to be always close to your beloved is the main leitmotif of the song.


Pulsing rhythm in a modern RnB style, transparent arrangement and Lidia’s vocals. Whisper and scream, jazz guitar and air violins, elastic drums and soft bass - everything that can be done with the colors of modern music is in this song.


For some, this song will accompany the first dance at their wedding, someone will listen to it in moments of happiness, and someone in moments of despair and everyone will find something in it.


As Gustav Klimt said, the founder of modern art in Austrian painting - All art is erotic. This statement is real. What would be the work of Salvador Dali without Gala? Or films of Federico Fellini without Giulietta Masina? For sure something else! All is ruled by love!


Not to cross the line into vulgarity, but to make a beautiful, slightly erotic music video about love – this is the main task followed by the creators of the video for this song. The goal is not simple, but the author of the idea, the director, the operator, the whole team, made it perfectly.


Visual row and music complement each other, allowing everyone to plunge into their own fantasy world. Here is a game of associations, desires and tender colors of sensuality - says video director Michelle Mazilu


I wrote a song in the period of falling in love and waiting for big events in my life. I hope that the emotions and vibrations that I expressed in the song will resonate with the people that will listen to it - Lidia wrote in her social networks on the day of the premiere. Hopefully, that will be so.



Music - Lidia Isac

Lyrics - Lidia Isac, Corina Caireac

Arrangement - Serghei Orlov

Mix and Master - Valentin Voluta


Music Video:

Producer - Michelle Mazilu

Camera - Eugen Dedcov